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Benedicte studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and graduated from the Institute of St. Luc in Tournai. She is an authentic artist with a strong temperament that gives her works a sincere, enchanting, beautiful and delicate soul. In her painting she seeks a balance between abstract and realism in order to convey different realities to the viewer. Everyone has their own interpretation. Her works are characterized by the use of an expressive and contrasting color palette, which, in combination with geometric shapes, gives the painting cubistic effects. Her technique mixes marker and oil paint on linen canvas, giving it structure and strength. Her paintings are a still image of a moment, of a movement that makes the viewer aware of the loneliness in our contemporary society.

“Through oil on canvas I generally try to bring the viewer into a different atmosphere in which the vulnerable balance between happiness and suffering comes to the front. I accomplish this through the use of a delicate but bold color palette as well as through the use of geometric structures. The combination of these techniques creates a structured chaos in which there is also room for the spectator's own interpretation depending on his or her personality, experiences and visions. Therefore my paintings can never be experienced in the same way, both between people and within the same person, but at different times.” benedicte vandewattyne





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